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Professor of Physics, Chair
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
3700 Willow Creek Road
Prescott, AZ
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ERAU, Prescott Campus

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Fall 2019 Classes: PS 215 (Physics I for Space Physics and Astronomy majors)
PS 412 (Particle Physics and Cosmology I)
PS 160 (Physics II for Engineers)
Sample Lecture (Magnetic Fields)
  • (October 2019) "Fundamental Physics Tests in Astrophysics," presented at the annual APS Four Corners Section meeting
  • (June 2019) "Theory and Experiment in Spacetime-Symmetry Tests," presented at the Paris Observatory
  • (May 2019) "Recent Developments in Spacetime-Symmetry Tests in Gravity," presented at CPT 19 link
  • (March 2019) "Testing the Gravitational Weak Equivalence Principle in the Standard-Model Extension with Binary Pulsars", accepted in PRD link
  • (October 2018) "Testing velocity-dependent CPT-violating gravitational forces with radio pulsars" link
  • (October 2018) "Relating Noncommutative SO(2,3)* Gravity to the Lorentz-Violating Standard-Model Extension" link
  • (September 2018) NSF 3-year Award, "RUI: Testing Spacetime Symmetry Foundations of General Relativity" (~$90,000) link
  • (June 2018) "SME gravity sector" and "Gravitational SME experiments", lectures by Q Bailey at the Third IUCSS Summer School on the Lorentz and CPT-violating Standard-Model Extension, IU Bloomington link
  • (March 2018) "General Relativity tests in the solar system and beyond," Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting 2018 link
  • (March 2018) "Testing General Relativity through Gravitational Waves," graduate student Kellie Ault presentation, Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting 2018 link