PS160 (Physics II) Fall 2019

Course Syllabus My Schedule Instructor: Quentin Bailey, PhD Email:
Office Hours: MWF 3-4 pm, T 10-11:50 am, 1:25-2:40 pm, TH 9:10-10am, F 10-11:50am, 1-1:50pm or by appointment Course Room: KEC-131

Homework Assignments

Homework problems are on the Mastering Physics website (course ID: PS160F19BAILEY)


Due Dates


Mastering Physics Tutorial Due 8/31 by 6 pm
Chapter 12 MP Due 9/7 by 11:59 pm HWChap12solns
Chapter 13 MP Due 9/18 by 11:59 pm HWChap13solns
Chapter 14 MP Due 10/4 by 11:59 pm HWChap14solns
Chapter 15 MP Due 10/23 by 11:59 pm HWChap15solns
Chapter 16 MP Due 10/30 by 11:59 pm HWChap16solns
Chapter 17 MP Due 11/13 by 11:59 pm HWChap17solns
Chapter 18 MP Due 11/20 by 11:59 pm HWChap18solns
Chapter 19 MP Due 12/5 by 11:59 pm HWChap19solns


Chapter 12 slides, part 1Ans: D
Pressure versus Depth derivation
Chapter 12 slides, part 2Ans: B,C
Chapter 12 slides, part 3Ans:A,A
Chapter 13 slides, part 1Ans: C
Chapter 13 slides, part 2Ans: B
Chapter 13 slides, part 3Ans: D
Chapter 13 slides, part 4Ans: C
Chapter 14 slides, part 1Ans:-
Chapter 14 slides, part 2Ans:B,D,D
Chapter 14 slides, part 4, Chapter 15, part 1Ans:B
Chapter 15, part 2Ans:E,B,B
Chapter 15, part 3Ans:C
Chapter 16, part 1Ans:A
Chapter 16, part 2Ans:E
Chapter 16, part 3Ans:A,B,C,D
Chapter 17, part 1Ans:E
Chapter 17, part 2Ans:C,C
Chapter 17, part 3Ans:B,D
Chapter 18, part 1Ans:D,B
Chapter 18, part 2, Chapter 19, part 1Ans:A,D
Chapter 19, part 2Ans: E
Chapter 19, part 3Ans:
Chapter 20 slides (optional) Ans:
Thermodynamic Processes


PollEverywhere (in-class questioning)
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Final Exam
When/where: In classroom, Saturday, 2:45 pm -4:45 pm
Coverage: material covered in Chapters 12-19
Allowed: Calculator, formulas provided
Format: 7 multiple choice, 8 of 9 problems

Practice Tests (to appear)

Practice Exam I
Practice Test I solutions

Practice Exam II
Practice Test II solutions

Practice Exam III
Practice Test III solutions

Practice Final
Practice Final solutions

Useful Resources

PHET animations -Interactive animations for physics
Phys_anim -Non-interactive animations for physics and astronomy
Flash Physics -More animations for physics
Wolfram MathWorld -A math question search engine and more
NASA Slides -NASA slides on Physics and Aerodynamics

Applications of Physics

ITER -Experimental Nuclear Fusion Reactor
Relativity -Einstein's Relativity and Everyday Life
Climate Change -NOAA site

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