Welcome PS215 Fall 2019 students.

Course Syllabus MySchedule Instructor: Quentin Bailey, PhD Email: baileyq@erau.edu
Office Hours: MWF 3-4pm T 10-11:50am, 1:25-2:40pm TH 9:10-10am F 10-11:50am, 1-1:50pm

Homework Assignments

Homework problems are on the Mastering Physics website.

Course ID: PS215F19Bailey

Assignments Due Dates Solutions
Mastering Physics Tutorial Sat., Aug. 31st by 6 pm -
Chapter 1 Homework Sat., Sept. 7 at midnight HW1solns
Chapter 2 Homework Tues., Sept. 17th at midnight HW2solns
Chapter 3 Homework Thursday., Sept. 26th at midnight HW3solns
Chapter 4 Homework Wednesday, Oct. 9th at midnight HW4solns
Chapter 5 Homework Saturday, Oct. 19th at 6 pm HW5solns

Slides/Extra Notes

Chapter 1, part 1 D
Chapter 1, part 2 C,A
Chapter 1, part 3 C,C
Chapter 1, part 4 D
Chapter 1, part 5 B,D,D
Chapter 2, part 1 D
Chapter 2, part 2 D,C
Chapter 2, part 3 C
Chapter 2, part 4 A
Chapter 3, part 1 E
Chapter 3, part 2 A,C
Chapter 3, part 3 B,C
Chapter 3, part 4 D,C
Chapter 4, part 1 D
Chapter 4, part 2 (iii),B,(i),A
Chapter 4, part 3, Chapter 5, part 1 F,F,C,C
Chapter 5, part 2 C
Chapter 5, part 3 D


Exam II Details
When/where: Wed., Oct. 23rd, during class time
Coverage: Material covered in Chapters 4-5
Allowed: Graphing/Scientific calculator, formulas provided
Format: 4 multiple choice questions, 2 of 3 problems to solve (parts a & b)

Practice Tests (to appear)

Practice Test I Practice Test I solutions

Practice Test II Practice Test II solutions

Useful Resources

Phet simulations -Interactive physics animations
Phys_anim -Non-interactive animations for physics and astronomy
Flash Physics -More animations for physics
Wolfram MathWorld -A math question search engine and more

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