Welcome Particle Physics and Cosmology I students.

Course Syllabus Instructor: Quentin Bailey, PhD Email: baileyq@erau.edu
Office Hours: MWF 3-4 pm, T 10-11:50am, TH 9:10-10am, F 10-11:50am, 1-1:50pm, or by appointment

Homework Assignments

Assignments Due Dates
Homework 1 Thurs., Sept. 5 - HW1solns
Homework 2 Tues., Sept. 17 -
Homework 3 Tues., Sept. 24 -


SM rules
Slides, week 1
Slides, day 3
Slides, day 4
Slides, day 5
Slides, day 6


Exam I (tentative)
When/where: Thursday, September 26th
Coverage: TBA
Allowed: TBA
Format: TBA

Practice Tests (to appear)

Practice Test I (1)   Practice Test I (1) solutions

Useful Resources

MIT Open courseware: Relativity -Useful site with lecture notes, problems, etc.
MIT Open courseware: Particle Physics -Useful site with lecture notes, problems, etc.
Particle Data Group -order free books here!
Higgs -Article on the Higgs particle discovery!
Higgs Plots -Cosmic variance blog on the Higgs discovery

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