Rigblaster interface.

Butternut HF6V.

Yeasu FT 840

Callsign: N7NEO Class: General Codes: HAI USA

Name: Stuart R Pratt

Addr1: 1952 Hilltop Dr

Addr2: Cotton Wood, AZ 86326

Country: USA

Effective: 27 Nov 2001 Expires: 14 Jan 2012

This page is dedicated to amateur radio, specifically this station. To the right are a few key items employed. Just click on the picture for more info.

The hf rig Yeasu FT 840 using a Butternut hf6v vertical, 20 meter dipole and Rig blaster interface, used for the following digital modes. PSK31, SSTV, ASCII.

The 2 meter rig Radio shack htx 202 Ht,

With a home brew Jpole vertical and Rig blaster interface. Primarily used for ECHOLINK voice communications with the mingus repeater (W7EI).


The home front, Cottonwood, AZ

Radio shack htx 202 Ht