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Periodic Table Element Collection, Wikipedia's version, Another clickable version. Some interesting periodic tables. The element collection is particularly nice.
Atomic Spectra Visual, Simple Tabular, Complete.
Discharge tube spectra measured here.
The first link is a simple program that you can download. It makes images of the spectra you can expect to see from the elements in the periodic table. It also has a list of the strongest line frequencies. The second is a tabular list of the strongest lines of the elements including intensities. The third is NIST's site. The fourth link is a set of sample spectra that I took of some comon gases in discharge tubes (the vertical grey lines show the expected positions of lines).
Circuits All About Circuits (pdf)
This is a web-based textbook on electronic circuits. It's more than 2000 pages long, so don't try to print it out! It's updated periodically, and can be found at: www.allaboutcircuits.com/ .

Circuit Symbols (docx)
Circuit Symbols (pdf)
List of the set of symbols used to inidcate components in a typical electronic circuit diagram. Reproduced from thinkquest.org.
Original Versions of Many Scientific Instruments Online Museum A huge collection of pictures and descriptions of early scientific apparatus. Modern apparatus is based on these and in many cases is not much changed. It's very useful to look at these early instruments, as they show their function so clearly.
Old Books
Laboratory Arts, Experimental Physics
Build your own scientific laboratory and learn how to do experimental physics without the help of a modern machine shop or a computer.