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Joint Workshop for Gravitational Wave Data Analysis and Astrophysics of Core Collapse Supernovae

Sponsors: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Dates: 1st October through 8th October 2018

Participants: Michele Zanolin, Sergio Gaudio, Kelly Ault-O'Neal, Marie Bals, Travis Hansen, Colter Richardson, Jonathan Westhouse, Pedro Jesus Quinonez, Emily Grimes, Malik Rakhmanov, Anton Gribovsky, Soma Mukherjee, Mauricio Antelis, Claudia Moreno, Satzhan Sitmukhambetov, Zane Warden, Michael Benjamin, Hanna Hoover, Brandon Meredith, Quentin Bailey, Preston Jones, Cecilia Lunardini, Palash Roy, Amit Aich, Guldauren Bissenbayeva≈


Workshop will include a combination of 2 hour tutorials and the working sessions:
Monday October 1st:

1) Michele Zanolin: An overview of Supernovae Waveforms and Landscape
2) Jasmine Gill: An overview of application of Bayes Wave to supernovae

Tuesday October 2nd:

3) Marie Bals: cWB Tutorial
4) Malik Rakhmanov: Principles of interferometric gravitational wave detectors
5) Anthon Gribovsky: Techniques of for filtering of GW signals.
Wednesday October 3rd:

6) Jonathan Westhouse and Colter Richardson: Parameter Estimation for SASI
7) Pedro Jesus Quinonez and Emily Grimes: Gravitational Wave Memory

Thursday October 4th:

8) Kelly Ault-O'Neal: Testing Violations of Standard Models with Gravitational Waves from Core Collapse Supernovae
9)Marek Szczepanczyk and Jasmine Gill: Online Searches for Gravitational Waves from Supernovae with BW and cWB

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